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Banksy Slips Into Sai Kung, Creates Lennon Wall

All Over Hong Kong…

Lennon Walls and protest art expressing solidarity and inspirational messages.

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Meanwhile In Sai Kung…

After a bracing walk in a category 8 typhoon (compared to Mangkhut, Wipha was for wimps), I eventually came across the Kung’s Lennon Wall.


Subversive, witty and a bold political statement. It’s got to be Banksy…

What Next??

“Would you like peas or beans with your fish fingers tonight? Love, Mum x”

“Don’t forget to pick up dog food! Love, The Dog x”

“I’m throwing away a box of old socks. Does anybody want them? Jane (63G)”

Ok, ok, that last one I lifted straight from the Gem Villa WhatsApp group. Apologies to my neighbor at 63G who wrote it. Incidentally, I did take a look at the socks. They were a bit holey, none matched, and they had never been washed, but I took them home anyway as a peace offering for the dog. (Despite his burgeoning talent as a graffiti artist and sprayed reminders all over Sai Kung, I had once again forgotten to pick up dog food.)

Share your pics of the world’s most uninspiring graffiti (f)art with Mental Ideas! Or why not have a crack at it yourself? All you need is a can of spray paint and unflinching optimism that you will not be extradited to the Mainland to face trial for your unspeakable crimes against The Art World.

“Gone to join the #FreeSaiKungRevolutionOfOurTimes! Can you leave my fish fingers in the oven, Mum, and pick up dog food for my babe? Love, Missy x”

#Protest Dog and one of the socks in the box
#Free Sai Kung! (Missy)

Miss Adventure is a Hong Kong writer, presenter and podcaster. She makes it up as she goes along at RTHK Radio 3 and tries not to get hit by bullet-shaped flying objects. Any resemblance to Sadie Kaye is purely in your head.