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Art by Ambassador Charles Tang 鄧煒昌

Bipolar Ambition Art Exhibition

Mental Ideas was inspired attending the Bipolar Ambition Art Exhibition at HKU last week featuring the work of bipolar artists, including Coby Legans and Juliana Kung, who have contributed a lot … Continue Reading Bipolar Ambition Art Exhibition

Fragmented Lives: Sign of The Times

Rebecca Dandridge-Walker is a self-taught artist from Camden, London. After specializing in pottery, she started experimenting with portraiture as a creative way of channeling her stress, anxiety and physical pain … Continue Reading Fragmented Lives: Sign of The Times

Too Much – Laura Konowal

American poet, artist, musician and mental health campaigner Laura Konowal writes about her ongoing struggles with anxiety and bipolar disorder in her own lyrical style… Two themes clearly stand out in … Continue Reading Too Much – Laura Konowal

Jade Bryant’s Latest Ink Art Collection

In honor of #worldmentalhealthday, I wanted to share my completed illustrative series of paintings that represent some of my symptoms of #borderlinepersonalitydisorder with Mental Ideas! I have uploaded the writing components to … Continue Reading Jade Bryant’s Latest Ink Art Collection