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Jade Bryant’s Latest Ink Art Collection

In honor of #worldmentalhealthday, I wanted to share my completed illustrative series of paintings that represent some of my symptoms of #borderlinepersonalitydisorder with Mental Ideas! I have uploaded the writing components to … Continue Reading Jade Bryant’s Latest Ink Art Collection

Project Inktober

Mental Artists Charlotte Farhan, Jade Bryant and Shawn Coss have created their own Inktober prompts for themselves and anybody else who wants to use them. Every day we’ll be adding more … Continue Reading Project Inktober

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HK Protests in Pictures – Ricky Sadiosa

Art To End The Silence On Sexual Violence – Charlotte Farhan

Sexual violence is not prejudice. It can happen to anyone, inflicting immediate and lasting damage on a person’s mental health. This collection is by no means complete, but it will … Continue Reading Art To End The Silence On Sexual Violence – Charlotte Farhan

ExperiMENTAL Exhibition

ExperiMENTAL is our bold new art project and photography exhibition. We’ve commissioned 10 pro photographers to capture the complexities of 10 mental heath conditions in a single shot. The results will … Continue Reading ExperiMENTAL Exhibition

Caffeine Buzz

Thanks to Hong Kong Buzz for publishing this interview about MENTAL IDEAS!  Caffeine Buzz with Sadie Kaye    

Art Saved My Life – Charlotte Farhan

Art saved my life. Not figuratively, but literally. I was at the end of the road in 2010, after suffering my 4th severe breakdown. I was suicidal and told that … Continue Reading Art Saved My Life – Charlotte Farhan

Steal Like An Artist – Austen Kleon

The trouble with creative work: Sometimes by the time people catch on to what’s valuable about what you do, you’re either a) bored to death with it, or b) dead. … Continue Reading Steal Like An Artist – Austen Kleon

Exhibitions & Events

Mental Ideas produces and delivers many different kinds of events, including exhibitions for our most promising artists. We collaborate with galleries in Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, Paris & London. We organize … Continue Reading Exhibitions & Events


Mental Ideas provides access to arts, film and media opportunities for artists coping with “invisible” mental health issues, directly and indirectly. Our projects enrich and assist recovery from mental illness by … Continue Reading Projects


MENTAL IDEAS is a noisy, irreverent, unashamedly provocative film & media platform promoting mental health awareness, all forms of artistic self-expression, innovation & social enterprise. Our objective is to move the conversation … Continue Reading Submissions