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Rasheed Shroff

rasheed-3.jpegDirector Rasheed Shroff was born & raised in Hong Kong. He considers himself fortunate to have lived and been educated in such an ethnically diverse environment and to have traveled widely from an early age. After graduating from the University of Sussex with a degree in Law, Rasheed gained work experience at Fossil’s corporate headquarters in Dallas, thus embarking on a 22-year career at the company.

As Vice-President and Head of Fossil Brand, Rasheed has successfully launched new markets, channels, brands and products growing a US$500M business. He believes trust-based relationships that take time and effort to build are essential to business success in Asia. He is also immensely proud to have elevated young talent throughout his career by creating a culture where young people are not afraid to fail. In 2017, Rasheed took on the additional responsibility of leading the Asia-Pacific Region’s Marketing Team for all 13 of Fossil’s brands, including Skagen, DKNY, Kate Spade, Armani & Michael Kors.

In 2018, Rasheed left Fossil to focus on his pre-existing businesses and start new ones as an independent distributor of Fossil brand products, director of a property development company, director of Brainstorm Media and the force behind its latest venture, Brainstorm Space; a mood-boosting co-working space for creative businesses in Hong Kong. In addition, Rasheed intends to continue his proven track record for supporting and empowering marginalized entrepreneurs.

Rasheed’s family, particularly his parents, Jal & Pervin, are well-known for being active in the Parsi community and Hong Kong charities. They have also initiated some remarkable projects benefiting deprived communities globally. These projects have included building schools, orphanages and hospitals. Their example has instilled an equal passion for philanthropy and social enterprise in their son. Working with inspirational individuals and non-profits that are looking to drive social change and create lasting impact in the world has become a primary focus for Rasheed. He continues to sit on the Board of Directors of the Fossil Foundation, collaborating with inspirational change-makers across the globe to unleash the potential of disadvantaged youth.

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