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Ifat Kafry Hindes

Ambassador Ifat Kafry Hindes is a trailblazing wellness entrepreneur and writer from Hong Kong. She’s the founder of Project Wellness, Health Editor for Hong Kong Living and a columnist for Sassy Hong Kong. Born in Israel, she was raised in the Caribbean in early life and predominantly thereafter in Hong Kong. Ifat speaks out about her ongoing battles with depression and Meniere’s disease

The busy mother of two has successfully set up her own gluten free bakery in Hong Kong and is now writing her first cookbook. She’s received plaudits and media attention for her dedication to tackling mental and physical health through diet and healthy lifestyle choices. She is the recipient of ‘Top Pick‘ Luxe City Guides 2013, ‘Editor’s Choice‘ at the Foodie Forks Award 2014, and MediaZone‘s ‘Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong‘ Award, 2016.