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More Than A Label – Mind HK Exhibition

 Mind HK‘s exhibition of art, poetry and letters by its ambassadors de-stigmatising mental health is running all this week (Nov 21-28) at 5, Sun Fung Mansion, 52-60 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, … Continue Reading More Than A Label – Mind HK Exhibition

Art by Ambassador Charles Tang 鄧煒昌

Bipolar Ambition Art Exhibition

Mental Ideas was inspired attending the Bipolar Ambition Art Exhibition at HKU last week featuring the work of bipolar artists, including Coby Legans and Juliana Kung, who have contributed a lot … Continue Reading Bipolar Ambition Art Exhibition

Submissions Open for Anthology Imprint 21!

Submissions are open until April 21, 2022 for women poets, writers and artists to submit their poems, illustrations and short stories (2000 words) to the Women in Publishing Society‘s annual … Continue Reading Submissions Open for Anthology Imprint 21!

No Delusion

Dan Rants & Launches 2021 Film Forte!

Mentalist Dan Davies offers readers humor, inspiration and perspiration in The Rantings of a Madman on Facebook. His debut book is the first in a trilogy based on his Facebook rants … Continue Reading Dan Rants & Launches 2021 Film Forte!

My Abstract Fight For Survival – Bill Lepley

“I am a survivor – so far. Not so much because of being trapped at home by the pandemic, but because of being trapped inside my own body. I suffer … Continue Reading My Abstract Fight For Survival – Bill Lepley

The Depressed Banker – Mental Ideas Podcast

Brace yourselves for another “slightly strange” (yeah…) episode of our Mental Ideas Podcast strand of RTHK‘s fantabulous 123 Show! This week Sadie’s guest is the multi-talented and inspirational Christina Yung! She banks. She … Continue Reading The Depressed Banker – Mental Ideas Podcast

Writer Unblocked!

Mental Ideas is collaborating with the Hong Kong Writers Circle on a series of podcasts! While many artists and writers have been feeling inspired by the lockdown and surreality of social distancing, … Continue Reading Writer Unblocked!

Portraits by Rebecca Dandridge-Walker

Rebecca Dandridge-Walker has been beating the UK lockdown blues by experimenting with portraiture. Her lockdown experience has been further restricted by waiting for a delayed hip operation. An inspirational potter … Continue Reading Portraits by Rebecca Dandridge-Walker

Lockdown TV

Mental Ideas Ambassador Mat Ricardo has started his own web TV channel, Lockdown TV, broadcasting his favorite comedy and variety shows and weaving it all together with his own characterful … Continue Reading Lockdown TV

Mental Ideas Launching HKMHFF!

The Hong Kong Mental Health Film Festival (@HKMHFF) provides a platform for innovative and ingenious filmmakers to showcase their mental health inspired films to an audience of film buyers, broadcasters, journalists, … Continue Reading Mental Ideas Launching HKMHFF!

Mental Ideas PodFest!

After receiving a surge of intriguing podcast submissions, Mental Ideas intends to run an annual PodFest celebrating diversity and creative approaches to tackling mental health. To register your interest or submit podcasts … Continue Reading Mental Ideas PodFest!

Information Overload – Param Vibe Mirpuri

I created this piece to signify how technology creates information overload and thus placed the hand drawn artwork using the laptop as a frame for the piece. Information overload can … Continue Reading Information Overload – Param Vibe Mirpuri