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Home Kong Kitchen

Mental Ideas has been on a roll and making serious dough! We’ve spent much of the past 7 months turning our kitchens into mini-Hiroshimas and making weekly food drives to feed the homeless and support Hong Kong charity Breadline!

The charity relies on food waste donations from cafes and restaurants to deliver bread to the homeless and other vulnerable groups living below the breadline on the streets or in shelters. But with shops and restaurants operating restricted hours at low capacity, Breadline and other food waste charities have been struggling to meet demand at a time it has never been higher. So after reading about their struggles, we decided to learn how to bake our own and donate it to the charity. 

As more and more bighearted Homekongers have joined our cause, Home Kong Kitchen has risen. We now bake, collect and deliver homemade breads, bagels and muffins to vulnerable people living on the streets, in unlicensed shelters and refuges most days!

We also collect supermarket-bought loaves generously donated by our growing community of bread donators from their homes (depending on quantity) and collection points all over Hong Kong. Since Oct 2020, we’ve delivered bread and other gifts of clothes and blankets directly to homeless charity ImpactHK every Friday.


We’ve donated our home baked breads and other goodies to an unlicensed shelter for Kenyan women migrants (pictured) after learning bread is part of their essential diet. ❤️ We’ve donated to refuges for abused domestic helpers awaiting trial. ❤️ We’ve donated muffins to the homeless and elderly on the streets via Christian Action HK. ❤️ We’ve donated shop bought loaves from our growing community of bread donators to Feeding Hong Kong. ❤️ We deliver bread, clothes, blankets and other practical necessities to ImpactHK every Friday! ❤️ In Dec 2020 we made and distributed nearly 300 Christmas Gift Socks filled with tasty treats to shelters and refuges in Hong Kong. ❤️ On Feb 12 we delivered a record-breaking donation to ImpactHK! ❤️ On Feb 13 we celebrated Lunar New Year 2021 making and serving cream teas for refugees at Refugee Union. ❤️ We deliver free breakfasts to anybody who needs it in HK. ❤️ We will be delivering Afternoon Teas to homeless shelters and refuges on Good Friday. ❤️ We will be running a Picnic Project for the homeless and our volunteers all summer! ❤️ We are launching our own pâtisserie where every cent we make is donated to homeless charities.

Join our Baker’s Dirty Dozen!

If you live in Hong Kong and fancy a crack at baking bread yourself or would like to donate a shop bought loaf, we’d LOVE for you to join us! We’re all amateurs (though a few of us are fast becoming experts!) Thanks to Daisy Tam Diers, founder of Breadline and Foodworks HK, for enthusiastically supporting our initiative and helping choreograph our bread runs! 

Bake Zero

All our baking is wrapped in compostable bags. We have also designed and are now collaborating with local artists to create sustainable bread boxes out of recycled waste with doodled designs and messages of solidarity for our homeless friends! If you are an artist and would like to send us your sketches, email

Art & Soul Food

We are also exploring the possibility of setting up our own online bakery where you can order our homemade breads, bagels, muffins and other goodies and we deliver to your homes! We can’t promise it will be the best you’ve ever tasted, but we CAN promise every cent we make is donated to homeless charities.

Workshops & Events

We now have a baker’s studio in Kowloon Bay and hope to start running baking workshops and other events raising money for the homeless as soon as social distancing rules are relaxed. Watch this mental space…!


Roll models