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Mental Ideas Library


We’ve compiled a library of noisy opinion pieces and articles on mental health from across the local and international media to give you food for racing thoughts!


Why 1 in 3 Hongkongers Would End a Friendship if that Friend was Diagnosed with a Mental Health Condition – Lisa Cam – SCMP

Pressing Buttons – Seeing ‘Bipolar’ in Headlines on a Divided World with the Menace of Nuclear War Unhelpful – Sadie Kaye – SCMP

When Walls Talk – Hong Protesters Bring Grievances to Suburbs – Al Jazeera

Bipolar Sufferers and Experts Share How to Embrace the Ups and Downs – Anthea Rowan – SCMP

Nearly 1 in 10 people in Hong Kong likely to have depression, according to HKU survey conducted during extradition bill crisis – SCMP

Social Workers, Psychologists Offer Emotional Support To Hong Kong Protesters After Four Deaths – HKFP

Hong Kong Extradition Protests Could Trigger A Mental Health Crisis, Experts Warn – SCMP

Virtual Reality Mental Health Project To Offer New Option For Hongkongers Seeking Help – SCMP

Hong Kong’s Record On Mental Health Suggests Taboos And Stereotypes Still Hold Sway – SCMP

Meet The Patients Who’ve Been Left Out Of The Mental Health Conversation – Guardian

Depression, Anxiety, OCD & How Running Helped Us Beat Them – BBC

It’s Nothing Like A Broken Leg: Why I’m Done With The Whole Mental Health Conversation – The Guardian

The Secret Burden of Mental Illness in Hong Kong – CNN

Heads Roll Review: An Exhibition For Narcissists Everywhere – Guardian

Ye – Kayne West’s Most Controversial Lyrics Decoded – NME

Can Video Games Be Addictive? Chips With Everything Podcast – Guardian

The Ways We Fail Those With Mental Illness – New York Times

To Counter Loneliness Find Ways To Connect – New York Times

Universities Fueling Mental Health Crisis – Telegraph

Largest Ever Mental Health Survey – SCMP

Mental Health Care In Sub-Saharan Africa – RAND

Why It’s Important We Remove The Stigma Around Mental Health – Young Post – SCMP

How Cynicism Is Linked To Depression And What You Can Do About It – BP Hope

The Raw Fruits And Veg That Improve Mental Health – Independent

When Anxiety Manifests As Anger – Taming Your Temper Before It’s Too Late – BP Hope

Why The Conversation Around Trump’s Mental Health Is Controversial – Abcaction News

Why Children In Foster Care Are 3 Times More Likely To Have ADHD – Science Daily

The Myth Of Mental Illness: A History Of Psychology – Psych Classics

Controversial Content In ’13 Reasons Why’ Sparks Conversations And Inspires Empathy – Forbes

Suicides Have Increased. Is This An Existential Crisis? – New York Times

Reuniting And Detaining Migrant Families Pose New Mental Health Risks – New York Times

Night Owls May Have A Higher Depression Risk – New York Times

Sex And Drugs Decline Among Teens, But Depression And Suicidal Thoughts Grow – New York Times

Building Better Mental Health Beyond Policy – Columbia Spectator

Anti-Depressants Saved Me But Made My Mental Health Worse – The Spectator

Guns, Mental Illness And Violent Behavior – Wall Street Journal

It’s Time To Talk About Grief – Columbia Spectator

How Ten Countries Approach Mental Health – BuzzFeed

French Polynesia To Revisit Mental Health Care – Radio NZ

End The Stigma Of Mental Illness – CNN

How A Bipolar Sufferer Came to Earth After a Flight of Fantasy – Jessie Lau – SCMP

Sylvia Plath’s Recently Discovered Short Story Reveals a Dark Literary Thread in the Writer’s Work – The Observer

The Aspect of Bipolar That Led To Being (Wrongfully) Arrested on a Plane…Twice – The Mighty

It’s Official: Weed’s Not Cool Anymore – The Observer

7 Myths Surrounding Bipolar Disorder – The Mighty

David Chappelle Interview Kendrick Lamar on the Importance of Self-Expression – Consequence of Sound

Philip Colbert Updates Pop Art For The Digital Age – Reuters

Gut Bacteria Linked To Depression in Mental Health Study – Guardian