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We’ve compiled a library of noisy op-eds and controversial articles on mental health subjects from across the world’s media. To suggest articles for inclusion, email us the title, publication and date on which it was originally published.

A polite warning: if we suspect an email contains spammy links, we will burn it on our log fire! Apologies if we accidentally burn your genuine email due to over-zealous spam-filtering. We do hope you’ll write again and point out the error of our pyromaniac ways!


Hong Kong’s Record On Mental Health Suggests Taboos And Stereotypes Still Hold Sway – SCMP

Depression, Anxiety, OCD & How Running Helped Us Beat Them – BBC

It’s Nothing Like A Broken Leg: Why I’m Done With The Whole Mental Health Conversation – The Guardian

The Secret Burden of Mental Illness in Hong Kong – CNN

Heads Roll Review: An Exhibition For Narcissists Everywhere – Guardian

Ye – Kayne West’s Most Controversial Lyrics Decoded – NME

Can Video Games Be Addictive? Chips With Everything Podcast – Guardian

The Ways We Fail Those With Mental Illness – New York Times

To Counter Loneliness Find Ways To Connect – New York Times

Universities Fueling Mental Health Crisis – Telegraph

Largest Ever Mental Health Survey – SCMP

Mental Health Care In Sub-Saharan Africa – RAND

Why It’s Important We Remove The Stigma Around Mental Health – Young Post – SCMP

How Cynicism Is Linked To Depression And What You Can Do About It – BP Hope

The Raw Fruits And Veg That Improve Mental Health – Independent

When Anxiety Manifests As Anger – Taming Your Temper Before It’s Too Late – BP Hope

Why The Conversation Around Trump’s Mental Health Is Controversial – Abcaction News

Why Children In Foster Care Are 3 Times More Likely To Have ADHD – Science Daily

The Myth Of Mental Illness: A History Of Psychology – Psych Classics

Controversial Content In ’13 Reasons Why’ Sparks Conversations And Inspires Empathy – Forbes

Suicides Have Increased. Is This An Existential Crisis? – New York Times

Reuniting And Detaining Migrant Families Pose New Mental Health Risks – New York Times

Night Owls May Have A Higher Depression Risk – New York Times

Sex And Drugs Decline Among Teens, But Depression And Suicidal Thoughts Grow – New York Times

Building Better Mental Health Beyond Policy – Columbia Spectator

Anti-Depressants Saved Me But Made My Mental Health Worse – The Spectator

Guns, Mental Illness And Violent Behavior – Wall Street Journal

It’s Time To Talk About Grief – Columbia Spectator

How Ten Countries Approach Mental Health – BuzzFeed

French Polynesia To Revisit Mental Health Care – Radio NZ

End The Stigma Of Mental Illness – CNN

Sylvia Plath’s Recently Discovered Short Story Reveals a Dark Literary Thread in the Writer’s Work – The Observer

The Aspect of Bipolar That Led To Being (Wrongfully) Arrested on a Plane…Twice – The Mighty

It’s Official: Weed’s Not Cool Anymore – The Observer

7 Myths Surrounding Bipolar Disorder – The Mighty

David Chappelle Interview Kendrick Lamar on the Importance of Self-Expression – Consequence of Sound

Philip Colbert Updates Pop Art For The Digital Age – Reuters

Gut Bacteria Linked To Depression in Mental Health Study – Guardian 



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TED Talks Daily (SD video)

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The Documentary Podcast

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Humor, Satire, and Cartoons

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Mental Health Humor

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Contemporary Art Daily

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South China Morning Post

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The New York Times Magazine

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Art and design | The Guardian

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BBC News - Entertainment & Arts

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Mental health | The Guardian

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The Mighty

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Art Saves Lives International

Create Change - Engage, Educate and Express Our World

Charlotte Farhan Art - Creating Change

Visual Artist, Published Illustrator, Writer, owner / editor of ASLI Magazine, activist to end rape culture and campaigner to end stigma against mental illness. #artsaveslives

Jade Bryant Artwork

Expressionist, Emotive, Artwork.

Radio Sadie

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