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6 Short Love Stories

Mental Ideas is producing a series of 6 short films in collaboration with Contro Vento Films depicting 6 different mental health conditions in a minimalist art-house style. This strand of shorts fuse contemporary dance, spoken word poetry, music and acting and will be shown as part of a live multimedia art show in Hong Kong in 2022 (Covid restrictions pending). 



The first short in the series, A Bipolar Love Story, directed by Raffaello Degruttola, has already been announced a semi-finalist at the Best Short Film Fest in Canada. Other shorts include A Dysmorphic Love Story, A Compulsive Love Story, A Narcissistic Love Story, A Borderline Love Story and An Antisocial Love Story.


Mentalist Raff recently took part as a guest on our Mental Ideas Podcast, in which he talks about his journey as a filmmaker and an actor; process, inspirations and how his relationship with his bipolar father has impacted his life. The show launches on RTHK as a strand of the 123 Show in April 2020. Here’s 3 short clips of Raff talking about his influences and inspirations on the podcast. 

Param Mirpuri.jpeg
Meet our newest recruit: Mental Artist Param Vibe Mirpuri!
Contro Mental!