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6 Short Love Stories

ExperiMENTAL Films is producing a series of 6 short films depicting different mental health conditions in a minimalist art-house style. The films blend contemporary dance, poetry, music and acting.



The first short in the series, A Bipolar Love Story, directed by Raffaello Degruttola, has already been submitted to film festivals around the world and is sure to be one of the highlights of the ExperiMENTAL Film Festival. Other shorts in the series include A Dysmorphic Love Story, A Compulsive Love Story, A Narcissistic Love Story, A Borderline Love Story and An Antisocial Love Story.

Raff’s recently appeared as a guest on the Mental Ideas Podcast, in which he talks about his journey as a filmmaker and an actor, process, inspirations and how his relationship with his bipolar father has impacted his life. The series, produced and presented by Sadie Kaye (As Bad As It Gets, Bipolar Express, RTHK’s ‘Miss Adventure’) launches in 2019!

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