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MENTAL IDEAS is a platform for self-expression and experimentation. Irreverent, witty, noisy, unashamedly provocative and unapologetic, our objective is to move the conversation forward around trending and topical subjects most relevant to those affected by mental health issues.

We accept narrative-driven reported features, original artwork, op-eds, short stories (fiction), poetry, filmed spoken word, music, Q&As, book and film reviews, humor, films and podcasts around the year. Articles are generally between 800-1000 words, depending on the subject and the story format. Fiction should preferably be under 7500 words.

What Mental Ideas Loves

Provocative Theories based on self-research (always citing original sources).

Op-eds told with a strong narrative and unusual voice (800 words).

Interviews with inspiring individuals or organizations engaging and explaining mental health.

Original Artwork accompanied by an explanation of the background and mood of the piece.

Original Photography (as above)

Poetry – film your spoken word (3 mins max).

Short Stories (fiction) – must be your own work (under 7500 words).

Book & Film Reviews – preferably choose books or films with a mental health theme or character.

Collaborative Concepts. We love bold concepts that can include as many mental idealists as possible. 

Humor. We love to laugh!

Films. We accept daring & ingenious shorts and features throughout the year for our film festivals @MIFF2020 and @HKIMHFF.

Music. Please let us know if we can upload your work to our platform!

Podcasts. We are interested in quirky, original podcasts for broadcast on TV, radio & web.

What Mental Ideas Is Not

A Medical Site (though we do occasionally invite psychiatrists to offer their insights and opinions).

A Fake News Platform. We get enough of that on the News.

A Misery Memoir Publisher. No rants about how sh*t your life is – unless, of course, your rant is particularly clever and witty.

A Troll Hangout. Mental Ideas will permanently block users or contributors who use their ‘voice’ to slander and abuse.

A Literary/ Talent Agency. Mental Ideas promotes equality. We have no upper tier system and do not represent artists, writers or filmmakers in projects that do not relate to our own work. 

A Forum to connect with other sufferers. We provide links to non-profit groups that do offer forums.

A Support Group. We provide links to non-profit partners that do offer support groups in Hong Kong and overseas.

A Huge Multi-National Corporation. We will reply to every submission and enquiry we receive. Please be patient with us if we take a little time to get back to you. (We aim to respond within 6 weeks.)

A Dating Platform. Inappropriate emails/ comments will be deleted. Sorry!

A Cult. That’s just silly, right??!