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Healing Hong Kong 香港康復

Mental Ideas is curating a mental health arts festival inspired by the recent spike in stats of Hongkongers reporting mental illness. During this inaugural event Hongkongers will be able to … Continue Reading Healing Hong Kong 香港康復

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HK Protests in Pictures – Ricky Sadiosa

6 Simple Tips to Up Your Photography Game

The photographer and RISD professor Henry Horenstein’s new book ‘Make Better Pictures’ offers everyday tips for improving your photo skills. 1. Get High The most obvious situations for getting a … Continue Reading 6 Simple Tips to Up Your Photography Game

Our Top 10 Masterclasses!

1. Annie Leibovitz Teaches Photography on Masterclass
2. Ron Howard Teaches Directing on Masterclass
3. Martin Scorsese Teaches Filmmaking on Masterclass …

10 Memorable News Photographs of 2018

In a year when political news seemed to overshadow almost everything else, we examine the photographs that stuck with us—and why. News photographers take pictures as a protestor throws a … Continue Reading 10 Memorable News Photographs of 2018


MENTAL IDEAS is a noisy, unashamedly provocative non-profit film and media platform using the arts and the media to engage and explain mental health in daring and ingenious ways. The platform … Continue Reading Launching MENTAL IDEAS!

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Chaos Gallery


Mental Ideas provides access to arts, film and media opportunities for artists coping with “invisible” mental health issues, directly and indirectly. Our projects enrich and assist recovery from mental illness by … Continue Reading Projects


MENTAL IDEAS is a platform for experimentation. Irreverent, witty, noisy, unashamedly provocative and unapologetic in tone, our key objective is to move the conversation forward around trending and topical subjects most … Continue Reading Submissions