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Transference: A Bipolar Love Story

Mental Ideas is working with filmmaker and Mental Ideas ambassador Raffaello Degruttola on a feature-length film, Transference: A Bipolar Love Story. As well as directing, Raff co-stars in the film alongside Emilie Sofie Johannsesen, Lotte Verbeek and Simone Lahbib. Mental Ideas’ Sadie Kaye is co-producing the film, which is beautifully shot by DP dream team Simon Haynes & Phil Summers and edited by Charlie Lort-Phillips.

The feature-length film draws influence from Raff’s difficult relationship with his father, who struggled with a severe version of bipolar disorder throughout his life. Transference: A Bipolar Love Story is currently being shot in London. Below are some stills from the film.

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Transference - A Bipolar Love Story (Poster)

Emilie Sofie Johannesen
Lotte Verbeek
Raffaello DeGruttola
Emilie Sofie Johannesen
Simone Lahbib