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Storm Troupers: Sadie Kaye Talks Mental Ideas in the SCMP

Thanks to the South China Morning Post for this illuminating article by Anthea Rowan comparing her mother’s experience of unipolar depression to the stormy creative highs and lows of bipolar disorder in Monday’s SCMP! We didn’t know half the storm troupers mentioned in this article had bipolar disorder! From musicians Frank Sinatra and Demi Lovato to space cadets Buzz Aldrin and Sadie Kaye, the list goes up and down!

Photos by SCMP photographer Antony Dickson, who also took some hilarious ones of Sadie and her dog!

If you’re affected by bipolar disorder and looking to channel it in experimental creative ways – or if you are already doing so and wish to share your story – reach out! We would love to help you find an outlet or a platform for your work!

Looking for free peer support? Join Bipolar Hong Kong‘s friendly  support group – or visit Mental Help for details of local and international mental health charities, expert advice and clinics!