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Little Boxes – Truth and Lockdown

Congratulations to our ambassador Raffaello Degruttola for directing the multi award-winning indie film, Little Boxes! The inventive film was produced by Lee Boardman and Jennifer James, veteran actors and founders of ActorTribe.

Little Boxes was shot entirely on Zoom during the UK’s longest and toughest lockdown. Still in post-production, the inventive feature has already picked up a slew of awards wins and nominations from festivals, including ‘Best Pandemic Film’ from the Hong Kong World Film Festival, ‘Best Covid 19 Film’ from the Miami Indie Film Awards, ‘Best Feature Film’ at the Rome Movie Awards and an Honorable Mention at the Florence Film Awards. Check out the ingenious indie film’s trailer below and support the creative work, inclusivity and vision of ActorTribe by following them!

We also look forward to catching up with Lee and Raff and chatting about the inspirations for the film – and ActorTribe – on Season 2 of our Mental Ideas Podcast!