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Awards Success for A Bipolar Love Story and No Way Home!

Congratulations to our ambassador & film director Raffaello DeGruttola! His experiMENTAL short film has reached semi-finalist status at the Best Short Film Festival. The non-verbal communication piece, an audio-visual treat featuring the incredible work of Param Vibe Mirpuri and Emilie Sofie Johannesen, explores mental health through poetry & dance. The short inspired the feature Transference: A Bipolar Love Story, which Mental Ideas co-produced, as well as our short film series 6 Short Love Stories

Meanwhile, another of Raff’s short films No Way Home, for which he won the award for Expose from the UN in 2017 and wrote about for Mental Ideas, has made the Official Selection at the 2019 Best Short Fest in Ontario, Canada. The work of Rosa Coduri in this powerful short to raise awareness of the victims of human trafficking is outstanding. Please watch and share! The short was filmed and edited by DP Simon Haynes and editor Charlie Lort-Phillips. The festival takes place Oct 4-5.

Raffaello DeGruttola Writes About The Making of his UN Award-Winning Short Film No Way Home