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Amy Shroff

director-amy-shroffMental Patron Amy Shroff is a writer, designer and sustainable lifestyle entrepreneur from Hong Kong. She is the Creative Director of Banyan Lifestyle, the parent company of Banyan Workspace, which she co-founded and launched with her husband Rasheed in 2019.

After graduating from Swansea University with a BSc in Psychology, Amy spent her early 20s working as a scriptwriter for broadcasters and production companies in the UK before returning to Hong Kong in 2001.

Amy has a deep-rooted commitment to helping others. She has organized numerous fund-raising events in aid of the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation, as well as being a committed supporter of children’s charity OneSky with her husband Rasheed. She recently partnered Mind HK on a project for World Mental Health Day. Amy is the sister-in-law of Mental Advisor and Central Minds founder Dr. Sharmeen Shroff.

Amy is passionate about interior design and has successfully renovated numerous houses and apartments in Hong Kong over the past decade through her property development company. Working with professional designers on the renovation of Banyan Workspace and seeing it emerge from industrial go-down to chic eco-luxury office and event space has been a dream project.