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Crazy – Mental Ideas Podcast

This is the last episode of the season so DON’T MISS IT!!! With new material and highlights from the studio interviews of the first series, Crazy is a cheeky little … Continue Reading Crazy – Mental Ideas Podcast

Money $ – Mental Ideas Podcast

On today’s show, Sadie Kaye talks dirty. Great big wads of dirty cash! You can’t use banknotes anywhere since the first wave peaked. Too dirty! Toilet paper is our cleanest … Continue Reading Money $ – Mental Ideas Podcast


Mental Ideas uses the arts and the media to engage and explain mental health in inventive ways!  

As Bad As It Gets – Coming Soon to RTHK!

The irreverent sequel to Sadie Kaye‘s 2015 documentary Bipolar Express will air on RTHK Radio 3 July 13, 2019. This time her focus is shining a spotlight on the lives of … Continue Reading As Bad As It Gets – Coming Soon to RTHK!