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Crazy – Mental Ideas Podcast

This is the last episode of the season so DON’T MISS IT!!! With new material and highlights from the studio interviews of the first series, Crazy is a cheeky little fiesta of madness. The Mental Ideas Podcast will be back with a second series in 2021! A half-hour compilation of this season’s highlights will soon be available in all the usual podcast places (Apple, Spotify, etc). 

A HUGE thanks to all our mental guests: Mat RicardoChristina YungLarry FeignFlorence WongReuben MJosh WaltersDan DaviesKiki WongJackie ChanPhilippe JolyEugenia KimRaffaello DegruttolaIfat Hyndes, as well as to Nick Samuel for composing the mental music – and especially to the wonderful Noreen Mir (producer and host of the 123 Show) and the equally wonderful Angie Mann for all their encouragement and support!!!


Crazy on RTHK Radio 3

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A Bipolar Love Story

The Agitated Air Stewardess

The Psychopathic Actor

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Virtually Eugenia

The Depressed Banker

Trolls Anonymous

The Unwellness Entrepreneur



You can catch Mental Ideas Podcast host Sadie Kaye aka RTHK’s Miss Adventure presenting humor column Sharp Pains on RTHK Radio 3‘s 123 Show from Sept 29!