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Suicide Awareness Month

Mental Ideas is blessed to have the beautiful, brave and multi-talented Simone Lahbib as one of our ambassadors. All of our ambassadors have been affected by mental illness, either because we’ve struggled with it ourselves or because somebody close to us has. Simone has been receiving a lot of love on Twitter for bravely speaking out about her brother’s suicide a year ago to raise awareness of the devastating impact mental illness can have on families. 

If you are affected by mental illness, please get in touch! If you know somebody who is affected by it, please share our work. We are young. But we are bold. We are small. But we have big hearts. Some of us have been in and out of psychiatric hospitals our whole lives. But that’s where we got our stories. Some of us have experienced cracked delusions. But that’s how we found our truth. We are always listening. Even when we’re talking over you. We are always ready to connect. Because we understand how lonely it can be battling an invisible illness. We will always try our best to support you. Because the only reason we’re still here is that others supported us. Sadly, sometimes all the love and support in the world is not enough. #Suicide Awareness Month