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Project Inktober

Mental Artists Charlotte Farhan, Jade Bryant and Shawn Coss have created their own Inktober prompts for themselves and anybody else who wants to use them. Every day we’ll be adding more … Continue Reading Project Inktober

Healing Hong Kong 香港康復

Mental Ideas is curating a mental health arts festival inspired by the recent spike in stats of Hongkongers reporting mental illness. During this inaugural event Hongkongers will be able to … Continue Reading Healing Hong Kong 香港康復

Art To End The Silence On Sexual Violence – Charlotte Farhan

Sexual violence is not prejudice. It can happen to anyone, inflicting immediate and lasting damage on a person’s mental health. This collection is by no means complete, but it will … Continue Reading Art To End The Silence On Sexual Violence – Charlotte Farhan

Suicide Awareness Month

Mental Ideas is blessed to have the beautiful, brave and multi-talented Simone Lahbib as one of our ambassadors. All of our ambassadors have been affected by mental illness, either because we’ve struggled … Continue Reading Suicide Awareness Month

The Awakening – Sam Brennan

A time comes in your life when you finally get it… When in the midst of all your fears and insanity you stop dead in your tracks and somewhere the … Continue Reading The Awakening – Sam Brennan

ExperiMENTAL Exhibition

ExperiMENTAL is our bold new art project and photography exhibition. We’ve commissioned 10 pro photographers to capture the complexities of 10 mental heath conditions in a single shot. The results will … Continue Reading ExperiMENTAL Exhibition

Joshua Walters: Just Crazy Enough…

Joshua Walters was born in Berkeley, California. In 2001, while attending the San Francisco School of Arts, Josh was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after hallucinating he was Jesus (who hasn’t?) … Continue Reading Joshua Walters: Just Crazy Enough…

Art Saved My Life – Charlotte Farhan

Art saved my life. Not figuratively, but literally. I was at the end of the road in 2010, after suffering my 4th severe breakdown. I was suicidal and told that … Continue Reading Art Saved My Life – Charlotte Farhan

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Chaos Gallery


Mental Ideas provides access to arts, film and media opportunities for artists coping with “invisible” mental health issues, directly and indirectly. Our projects enrich and assist recovery from mental illness by … Continue Reading Projects

Mental Ideas Loves… Good Is The New Cool!

Good Is The New Cool is a movement formed to mobilize and inspire individuals who want to make positive change in the world, but are unsure where to start. The … Continue Reading Mental Ideas Loves… Good Is The New Cool!

Mental Ideas Loves… Cook For Syria

Serena Guen is the founder and CEO of Suitcase Group. Clerkenwell Boy is a strategy consultant and anonymous food influencer. In 2016 they co-founded #CookForSyria – the supper club that … Continue Reading Mental Ideas Loves… Cook For Syria


MENTAL IDEAS is a platform for experimentation. Irreverent, witty, noisy, unashamedly provocative and unapologetic in tone, our key objective is to move the conversation forward around trending and topical subjects most … Continue Reading Submissions