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A Hat-Trick of Nominations for Contro Vento & Mental Ideas

The inaugural NIFA Awards (National Independent Film Association, USA) were hosted by Dan Davies at the Film Forte in Wisconsin this weekend, where recipients included Sean Connery (Lifetime Achievement) and Michael Blake (Legend Award). Among the nominations was Contro Vento Films‘ short Transference, which inspired the feature Transference: A Bipolar Love Story and 6 Short Love Stories.

Directed by Raffaello Degruttola and starring Param Vibe Mirpuri, the experimental short has scored a hat-trick of recent festival nominations. It was announced a semi-finalist at the Best Short Film Fest in Canada last week and has since been shortlisted by the 2019 Goa International Film Festival. The festival takes place in November!

NIFA then hoodwinked our creative director Sadie Kaye into believing she was experiencing a bipolar delusion of grandeur by awarding her International Broadcaster of the Year. She voluntarily committed herself to her nearest psychiatric hospital and is being kept there for a month as a precaution. Thanks NIFA!