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Writer Unblocked!

Writer Unblocked is our brand new strand of podcasts showcasing original short stories, spoken word poetry, music and films designed to unblock and unlock Hong Kong’s creative art and soul. While many artists have been feeling inspired by the lockdown and surreality of social distancing, others have been feeling disconnected, emotionally locked and creatively blocked.

Join host Sadie Kaye plus familiar and debut voices from the Hong Kong Writers Circle and a smattering of international guests as we attempt to ease the blockdown, find new ways to connect and reimagine a bold new world!

Interested in showcasing your creative work? Get in touch!

Mental Ideas is currently recruiting artists, writers, poets, filmmakers, innovators, performers, musicians and social entrepreneurs for its ongoing/upcoming film festivals, podcasts, awards, collaborative book projects, art & photography exhibitions and events. Whether you have a mental health condition yourself, somebody close to you does, or just want to help us champion mental health awareness, we would LOVE to hear from you!