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Death & The Frozen Tundra – Mental Ideas Podcast

A deadly podcast about Death by Anxious Showman Mat Ricardo is poignantly paired with American actor Dan Davies presenting the weather forecast… in Wisconsin.

It may be Spring, but Winter is Coming…

Death & The Frozen Tundra broadcasted live on RTHK‘s 123 Show May 14 @2.30 HKT! It’s kind of kooky and we hope not insensitively handled, as it was recorded and edited just before the COVID 19 pandemic made the subject of Death painfully relevant. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s the folly of trying to rigorously plan ahead and make broad assumptions that the world will look and feel the same tomorrow as it does today.

The other slight regret was referring to this episode in the official RTHK blurb as our “award-losing podcast”. This was done in a moment of post-podcast hysteria and self-deprecating ‘humor’ by bipolar host Sadie Kaye and has no reflection whatsoever on the quality of the guests!!

On tomorrow’s episode of our award-losing podcast, Korean virtual reality dance-maker and all round brainiac Eugenia Kim joins Sadie in the studio, where they’ll be discussing the much-hyped relationship between bipolar disorder and creativity. Is there any truth in it? Or is it just a dangerous delusion of grandeur?

The #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek episode airs live on RTHK Radio 3 tomorrow (May 21, 2020) at 2.30pm HKT! Don’t miss it!!!


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