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The Mad Creative Genius of Reuben M Tuck

We can’t believe we’re writing this… RIP Reuben M Tuck. Truly one of the funniest, whip smart, joyous, down to earth (while never quite of this earth) and loveliest people on the planet. The undisputed star of our 2015 doc Bipolar Express, he was an absolute gift of a guest and it was down to him that the doc did so well, picking up an award from RTHK in 2016 and being Highly Commended by the Association for International Broadcasting in 2015. Absolutely heartbroken for his adored wife Normandy and all his family and friends.

You can hear Reuben talking about his bipolar with his trademark charisma, candor, humor and wisdom here:

The doc inspired producer/presenter Sadie Kaye to set up Bipolar Hong Kong, something that Reuben passionately advocated. The nonprofit group has since helped hundreds of Hongkongers with bipolar disorder and people around the world to come together and support each other.