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NOT TODAY – #WorldSuicidePreventionDay

To mark #2020 World Suicide Prevention Day, Mental Ideas is proud to premiere short film NOT TODAY.

The powerful short about fighting back was born out of an idea by actor and director Philippe Joly to raise awareness of suicide on 2020 World Suicide Prevention Day. Philippe writes, “I didn’t want to create an advert. But I did want to portray the strength and determination of those fighting suicidal thoughts through the lens of empowerment. Too often, suicide is portrayed as a sign of weakness and mental fragility. Most people don’t seem to appreciate the strength of those fighting suicide and depression to live another day.  I wanted raw, honest storytelling and to include metaphors, such as ‘the drop that spilled the glass’. It’s an experimental film, shot in just a few hours on a simple mobile phone. But I hope it helps those affected to know that they are not alone and to spark their fighting spirit. Forever is an abstract and daunting concept. But not every day will be like today. So my message to them is simply to keep fighting and say NOT TODAY.”

Philippe contributes to Mental Ideas as a director of our film festival, an ambassador and resident filmmaker. NOT TODAY is part of a series of films he intends to make for Mental Ideas covering a range of mental health topics. 

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