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Friday Night Muffin Run!

Wow – we are BLOWN AWAY by the incredible generosity of our rapidly expanding team of volunteers @HomeKongKitchen following the SCMP‘s article about it in last week’s Post Magazine! Hongkongers are THE BEST when it comes to showing solidarity and mobilizing support to help the most vulnerable! 🙏 🇭🇰 

This week Home Kong Kitchen bakers Vivian Baram and Khim Cheung baked 100 delicious muffins for the elderly and vulnerable, which Chrizaline and Sadie then raced across town to deliver (still warm from the oven!) to a queue of grateful recipients on the street at the Kwun Hing Estate in Kwun Tong. HUGE thanks to Breadline‘s Daisy Tam Diers for orchestrating our bread and muffin runs!

Meanwhile, Neetu and her friends bought literally a bakery’s worth of loaves and donated them to the Migrant Centre in Jordan. Our original Baker’s Dirty Half Dozen of Sai Kungers – Ying, Moira, Michelle, Raquel, Mercy, Chriz, Emma & Amy – performed their usual magic (this lot have been baking bread religiously since June!) Joana and Alana baked a crazy amount of incredible bagels, banana breads, ginger breads and apple breads! We also had donations from the wonderful Peter in Disco Bay and Flora in Sha Tin! 

2020 has been a difficult year but this project has rejuvenated our spirits and restored our faith in humanity by bringing us together with so many inspiring individuals and organizations that epitomize the spirit of Hong Kong. 🇭🇰  Last week we donated all our shop bought loaves to Impact HK. We are proud to be turning this into a weekly event, delivering to Impact every Friday!

We have also received amazing artwork for our recycled breadboxes courtesy of Mental Ideas and Bipolar Hong Kong artists! Thank you to the incredibly talented and bighearted Juliana Kung for designing Home Kong Kitchen‘s stunning emblem. It has everything we love: character, beauty and flying bagels! 🙌 

However much we do, it is never enough. The more we see, the more we learn and the more we want to help. As well as bakers, bread donators and artists, we would love to hear from volunteer drivers willing to help us deliver our breads and muffins to foodbanks, refuges, homeless shelters and random street locations. As more amazing volunteers join our cause, we are now collecting and delivering bread most days!

Interested? Fill in the form below!

Thank you from all of us at Mental Ideas & Home Kong Kitchen for your incredible kindness and support! 💛💛💛

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