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Juliana Kung Connects With Her Inner Hero!

For 26 year old bipolar artist Juliana Kung, art is a way of connecting with her inner hero. Here she shares some of the hidden meanings behind her captivating artwork!

It is an honor for me to be able to share my artwork with Mental Ideas. Art helps me express my inner world, which helps me release my bottled stress and tension. Being invited to do this makes me appreciate my vitality and strength. The process of drawing and sharing my art creates opportunities for me to connect with different people across the world and to rebuild my fractured self-image and self-esteem. I will introduce my art, sketch by sketch. 

This piece signifies that our city [Hong Kong] can sometimes seem so dark because of the conflict that has occurred here. It is like a mess in my mind. Hard to absorb, harder still to process. However, some hopeful things have evolved out of the political situation, such as the mutual aid developing among people with common political stands. It can be warm, inviting and valuable. 

Trust is a complex term. The process of building trust is difficult for me, especially when I feel like I’ve been forsaken, or that I am helpless and nobody likes me: a common symptom of my bipolar disorder. It is a frightening feeling to be consumed by doubt. Relationships based on trust are a gift. They heal me and free me from my doubt. 

This piece is intended to symbolize that the path to recovery from mental illness is never easy. It is filled with uncertainty, a labyrinth of ups and downs. Embarking on the path requires harmonious relationships between different social and environmental factors, including friends, family, workplace and community.

These are wounded hands. They gather to give warmth to one another. 

When I’m in the manic phase of my bipolar disorder, lots of creative ideas flow out of me. These ideas brighten my world. They allow me to connect with and nurture my inner hero and to strive to make the world a fairer and better place. I feel like anything is achievable if you’re prepared to fight for your dreams and not break faith.

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Juliana designed the emblem for our Home Kong Kitchen initiative. When she’s not drawing, Juliana works in a care home for the elderly in Tai Kok Tsui. Home Kong Kitchen will be making a special delivery there soon!

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