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HO HO HOme Kong!

HO HO HOme Kong Kitchen more than trebled its goal of making and distributing 100 Christmas gift socks packed with tasty treats, practical necessities and little luxuries for our homeless friends! Thanks to YOUR kindness and support, we are making weekly deliveries of bread, clothing, blankets and other gifts to the homeless via Impact HK. We are also delivering our home baked breads, bagels and muffins to unlicensed shelters, refuges, care homes and vulnerable people living below the breadline most days through our independent efforts and ongoing collaborations with Breadline!

Home Kong Kitchen may not have won us any awards for our baking (ho ho!) but it was our most rewarding project of 2020, growing from a tiny community project involving a few claustrophobic, socially distanced neighbors to an energetic social enterprise comprised of bighearted Homekongers from every corner of Hong Kong – and we have no intention of slowing down in 2021! As the 4th Wave continues to bite, widening the already seismic wealth divide in our city, charities that rely on food waste donations to feed the homeless are struggling and the need to bridge the gap is greater than ever! 

There are many ways you can volunteer for Home Kong Kitchen: You can bake a difference as one of our team of home bakers, you can make a difference by adding an extra loaf to your weekly shopping list and donating it to us, or you can create a difference as an artist by sending us your sketches and simple messages of hope and solidarity for printing on our sustainable breadboxes! To register your interest, please take a moment to fill in the form below!

Thank you for your inspiring kindness, creativity and support!