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No Delusion

Congratulations to our ambassador Rebecca Dandridge-Walker. Her sketch, Delusion, has been breaking the internet since she posted it on the Grayson Art Club‘s facebook page! Grayson’s Art Club is a platform created by Turner Prize-winning artist Grayson Perry, inspired by his Channel 4 (UK) TV show. Delusion now has over 2K likes and is still climbing! 🙌

Delusion by Rebecca Dandridge-Walker

It’s hard to imagine, considering how prolific she’s been, but before the pandemic Becky had never sketched before in her life! Becky deserves all the success that’s coming her way. Not only is she an amazing artist and human being, she’s also had to struggle more than most with the challenges that the pandemic has presented for the deaf community. Mandatory mask wearing has not only impeded her ability to enjoy people’s smiles and facial expressions, it has also blocked her ability to lip read and interact with others, impacting her mental health and making her feel more isolated. She attributes her newfound passion for sketching to reducing anxiety, giving her a focus and helping her stay connected to others.

Thank you, Becky, for bringing much needed inspiration to Mental Ideas and your followers throughout the pandemic! We particularly love Delusion and her recent sketch of Bob Marley (below). You can follow Becky on facebook here and check out her website here! 🙏 🙏🏾 🙏🏿

One Love: Bob Marley by Rebecca Dandridge-Walker
Delusion by Rebecca Dandridge-Walker on Grayson’s Art Club