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One Simple Way to Help Yourself When You’re Depressed – Mat Ricardo

Mental Ideas LOVES this short film by one of our ambassadors Mat Ricardo; showman and philosopher. Enjoy!

No Delusion

Fragmented Lives: Sign of The Times

Rebecca Dandridge-Walker is a self-taught artist from Camden, London. After specializing in pottery, she started experimenting with portraiture as a creative way of channeling her stress, anxiety and physical pain … Continue Reading Fragmented Lives: Sign of The Times

Dressing Rooms by Mat Ricardo

I’ve talked before about how comforting I find certain places. How when I’m on stage, performing, I often feel like the optimum version of myself – a relaxed and confident … Continue Reading Dressing Rooms by Mat Ricardo

**Award-Winning** Short Film | Echoes of You | Omeleto

Thanks to Laurence Fuller (Road To The Well, Paint It Red) for sharing with us this clip of film Echoes of You in which he stars as a classical pianist struggling … Continue Reading **Award-Winning** Short Film | Echoes of You | Omeleto

ExperiMENTAL Exhibition

ExperiMENTAL is our bold new art project and photography exhibition. We’ve commissioned 10 pro photographers to capture the complexities of 10 mental heath conditions in a single shot. The results will … Continue Reading ExperiMENTAL Exhibition

Jade Bryant on Art as Self-Therapy

Mental Ideas Ambassador and artist-activist Jade Bryant uses art as self-therapy and inspires others to do the same. By challenging the public’s perception of borderline personality disorder (BPD) and antisocial personality disorder (ASPD), she spreads awareness, … Continue Reading Jade Bryant on Art as Self-Therapy

Raffaello DeGruttola Writes About The Making of his UN Award-Winning Short Film No Way Home

The night we filmed No Way Home – Stop the Traffick on the streets of London was a very interesting and illuminating one…