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Charlotte Farhan

Ambassador Charlotte Farhan is a force of nature. She’s co-founder and managing director of non-profit Art Saves Lives International (ASLI) and works as an artist, illustrator, writer and activist.

Charlotte campaigns against inequality, stigma, rape culture, capitalism and war. Her Facebook post about why she would not be changing her profile picture to an overlay of the Tricolor in the wake of the Paris Attacks, even though she’s French and from Paris, went viral, receiving international media attention from the New York Times, Telegraph, Independent & Le Huffington. She’s written articles for CNBC, Open Minds Quarterly (as a Resident Artist) and as editor of ASLI Magazine.

Charlotte lives with her husband, Mohammed, in Southsea, UK, along with their four cats and her psychiatric warning dog, Amadeus. She has BA degrees in Fine Art, Creative Writing, Philosophy and Psychological Sciences, the latter she recently passed with a First!

Charlotte speaks out about her ongoing struggles with mental illness to fight stigma and show others that mental illness is just like physical illness and should be treated the same way. She’s affected by a number of conflicting psychiatric conditions, including Borderline Personality DisorderAgoraphobia, PTSD and OCD.

Charlotte and creative director Sadie Kaye co-founded ASLI together and collaborated as writer-illustrator on children’s book The Wishing Machine. In 2018, Charlotte took part in Sadie’s documentary As Bad As It Gets, set to air on RTHK Radio 3 later this year. Charlotte is now working on her own book projects, but the collaborations continue through ASLIMental Ideas & many other creative forms.