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Charles Tang 鄧煒昌

Ambassador Charles Tang is a Canadian-born ethnically Chinese artist. Raised in Hong Kong, he studied at a local public school and an international school (Island School in Hong Kong). His … Continue Reading Charles Tang 鄧煒昌

Rebecca Dandridge-Walker

Ambassador Rebecca Dandridge-Walker is a self-taught artist from Camden, London. Born deaf, Becky is a force of nature who has made the most of every opportunity that has come her way. … Continue Reading Rebecca Dandridge-Walker

Shawn Coss

Mental Artist Shawn Coss is a dark art artist from Ohio, USA. He’s been working at his craft professionally for 9 years, as an independent artist, as well as an artist … Continue Reading Shawn Coss

Carl Bradshaw

Ambassador Carl Bradshaw is an independent filmmaker who has been capturing topics around mental health in his films since he started his career. He is the co-director of Elementi Media … Continue Reading Carl Bradshaw

Param Vibe Mirpuri

Ambassador and Resident Artist Param Vibe Mirpuri is a fusion artist who fuses his passions for spoken word poetry, dance, acting and art to create positive messages about mental health. … Continue Reading Param Vibe Mirpuri

Ilze Millere

Ambassador Ilze Millere is an independent filmmaker with a passion for the environment, sustainability, female empowerment and mental health. She is the co-director of independent film production company Elementi Media … Continue Reading Ilze Millere

Ricky Sadiosa

Resident Photographer Enrique (‘Ricky’) Rueda Sadiosa has made Hong Kong his second home since the 1990s. Originally from the Philippines, he’s traveled to more than 150 international cities and countries. He … Continue Reading Ricky Sadiosa

Larry Feign

Mental Artist Larry Feign has been disappointing his mother, who still wishes he’d become a brain surgeon, since the age of seven, when he began writing stories and cartoons for his … Continue Reading Larry Feign

Eugenia Kim

Mental Artist Eugenia Kim is a PhD student. Originally from the USA, she’s been living in Hong Kong and studying at City University since 2015. She creates dance narratives for virtual … Continue Reading Eugenia Kim

Sadie Kaye

Creative Director Sadie Kaye started in television as a children’s TV presenter on TVB, ITV and Disney Channel. She’s devised, co-written, presented and performed in comedy and entertainment series for UK indies and … Continue Reading Sadie Kaye

Philippe Joly

Ambassador Philippe Joly is a French actor, screenwriter, filmmaker and entrepreneur. Born in Moscow, Russia, for the past eight years Philippe has made Hong Kong his home. Besides his native French, Philippe … Continue Reading Philippe Joly

Mat Ricardo

Ambassador Mat Ricardo is one of the most unique, critically-acclaimed & entertaining variety performers in the world. The first man in history to learn to put the tablecloth back ON the … Continue Reading Mat Ricardo

Raffaello Degruttola

Ambassador Raffaello Degruttola (‘Raff’) is an English-Italian actor and director from London. After playing Private Goldman in Steven Spielberg‘s Saving Private Ryan, Raff worked as a character actor in American films … Continue Reading Raffaello Degruttola

Charlotte Farhan

Ambassador Charlotte Farhan is a force of nature. She’s co-founder and managing director of non-profit Art Saves Lives International (ASLI) and works as an artist, illustrator, writer and activist. Charlotte campaigns against inequality, … Continue Reading Charlotte Farhan