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Bipolar Express on RTHK

Bipolar Express is an irreverent 30-minute roller coaster through the euphoric highs and debilitating lows of the bipolar mind. Produced and presented for RTHK Radio 3 by Sadie Kaye, guests include psychiatrist and Hong Kong’s leading expert on Bipolar Disorder, Dr. Barry Connell, comics Reuben M Tuck and Josh Walters and Hong Kong ballet star Kiki Wong. Expect the unexpected in this quirky documentary, which RTHK Controller Hugh Chiverton praised as “Funny, engaging and enlightening, really original – an enthralling piece.”

The doc was Highly Commended by the Association For International Broadcasting at the 2015 AIB Awards. The following year it received an internal award from RTHK.

Bipolar Express on RTHK Radio 3 – Teaser
Bipolar Express on RTHK Radio 3 – Full Doc