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Crazy – Mental Ideas Podcast

This is the last episode of the season so DON’T MISS IT!!! With new material and highlights from the studio interviews of the first series, Crazy is a cheeky little … Continue Reading Crazy – Mental Ideas Podcast

Money $ – Mental Ideas Podcast

On today’s show, Sadie Kaye talks dirty. Great big wads of dirty cash! You can’t use banknotes anywhere since the first wave peaked. Too dirty! Toilet paper is our cleanest … Continue Reading Money $ – Mental Ideas Podcast

Death & The Frozen Tundra – Mental Ideas Podcast

A deadly podcast about Death by Anxious Showman Mat Ricardo is poignantly paired with American actor Dan Davies presenting the weather forecast… in Wisconsin. Death & The Frozen Tundra broadcasted live on RTHK Radio 3’s 123 … Continue Reading Death & The Frozen Tundra – Mental Ideas Podcast

Hong Kong Marriage Stories

Following a relatively smooth (considering the backdrop!) launch of the Mental Ideas Podcast as a strand on RTHK Radio 3‘s 123 Show, Mental Ideas is excited to be developing a brand … Continue Reading Hong Kong Marriage Stories

The Depressed Comedian – Mental Ideas Podcast

Episode 1 of our Mental Ideas Podcast launched on RTHK Radio 3 last Thursday (April 2) as a new weekly strand of the 123 Show! Depression. It’s no laughing matter. Or … Continue Reading The Depressed Comedian – Mental Ideas Podcast

My Life Asleep – Sadie Kaye

Ever since I was a teenager, for periods of months at a time, I have led an exhausting double life: My Life Awake and My Life Asleep. One of my … Continue Reading My Life Asleep – Sadie Kaye

Bipolar Express on RTHK

Bipolar Express is an irreverent 30-minute roller coaster through the euphoric highs and debilitating lows of the bipolar mind. Produced and presented for RTHK Radio 3 by Sadie Kaye, guests include … Continue Reading Bipolar Express on RTHK