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Joshua Walters: Just Crazy Enough…

Joshua Walters was born in Berkeley, California. In 2001, while attending the San Francisco School of Arts, Josh was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after hallucinating he was Jesus (who hasn’t?) Since then, his performance life and his mental health have been closely intertwined. His commitment to exploring innovative ideas takes the expressive form of theater, music & storytelling. In 2011 he was nominated to give a TED Talk in NYC. He has never looked back.

Josh combines spoken word poetry, creativity, beatboxing and madness into his work as a performer and producer. His TED-cast (below) is a mental ideas masterclass. He’s also curated an interactive musical comedy experience highlighting the benefits of disconnecting from our technological devices and is on a quest to launch a global day without technology, Un-Plugged, March 1-2, 2019. Mental Ideas intends to partner Josh on this very exciting and important project by hosting an event in Hong Kong. A passionate mental ideas advocate and social entrepreneur, Josh mentors young people on the ‘creative spectrum’ in his hometown of LA.


Josh Walters: Mad One
Joshua Walters: Mad One