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Information Overload – Param Vibe Mirpuri

Param -I created this piece to signify how technology creates information overload and thus placed the hand drawn artwork using the laptop as a frame for the piece. Information overload can burden us with so many psychological impacts, it is truly hard to focus. Knowing that our mind is simply a screen projecting an unhealthy amount of clutter, we become mechanical beings. To know that it is simply a screen allows us to detach from this wormhole and live in real time as human beings. We created technology and technology created us.


Param is drawn towards mental health as a driving force for most of his creative work. His whole reason for being an artist is to heal others. Fusing his talents in innovative ways to spread mental health awareness and spark an idea helps audiences to recover, to feel and to become more present.

Sometimes knowing a problem exists, whether mental or physical, is not enough. However, understanding the problem through the lens of performance, can create a change within the individual emotionally. That emotion is the source to touching the human heart and healing the mind. That emotion is what I want to give in all my work.

Param Vibe Mirpuri is a fusion artist, Mental Ideas ambassador and resident artist. Raised in Mumbai, he now lives in London. 


Param Creates Vibe for Exploding Mental Health!