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Param Vibe Mirpuri

Ambassador and Resident Artist Param Vibe Mirpuri is a fusion artist who fuses his passions for spoken word poetry, dance, acting and art to create positive messages about mental health. Param is drawn towards mental health as a driving force for his creativity. Understanding mental illness through the lens of a performance creates a power source for touching the human heart and healing the mind. Mental health recovery is all about creating the right vibe for that change to take place. 

Born in London, Param was raised in Mumbai. He has been dancing for over a decade and trained under the tutelage of Ashley Lobo at the Danceworx Company, Mumbai. While based in India, Param performed in competitions and commercials for big name brands FILA & Puma.

Param returned to London two years ago, where he met filmmaker and fellow Mental Ideas ambassador Raffaello DeGruttola. Raff immediately spotted his potential and created a short film about mental health based around Param’s work. The short was recently announced a semi-finalist at the 2019 Best Short Film Fest in Ontario, Canada.
With an award-winning film under his belt and his dance career in London taking off, Param suffered a frustrating setback when a knee injury severely impeded his mobility for 8 months. But instead of wallowing in self-pity, Param continued to actively pursue (as actively as he could with a shattered knee) his career and invented an innovative chair dance! He now wants to use his dance to inspire young people with disabilities to create their own dances and encourage freedom of self-expression. 

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His knee injury now fully healed, Param’s been making the most of his return to mobility. Since breaking out as a solo artist he’s performed at events; including a special performance for London Mayor Sadiq Khan at The Diwali on Trafalgar Square and Social Step Up at WembleyHe’s currently developing a one-man show that fuses his myriad talents and passions for spoken word, dance, character acting and abstract art by bringing still drawings to life.
Param’s appeared on TV performing at events filmed by the BBC and Thames TV. He recently interviewed choreographer Curtis Pritchard at a live event shown on ITV.
Mental Ideas is excited to be collaborating with Param across many creative mediums, including arranging a special performance of his infamous ‘chair dance’ at Great Ormond Street Hospital, showcasing his talents as a poet/actor/dancer on our short film strand 6 Short Love Stories, and as a guest presenter on S2 of our Mental Ideas PodcastBelow are some clips that display his ‘Impromptu’ dance moves. Enjoy!

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