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The Depressed Comedian – Mental Ideas Podcast

Episode 1 of our Mental Ideas Podcast launched on RTHK Radio 3 last Thursday (April 2) as a new weekly strand of the 123 Show!

Depression. It’s no laughing matter. Or is it? Host Sadie Kaye interviews depressed humorist, award-winning cartoonist and author Larry Feign to discover why are so many of our best-loved comedians depressed? Larry came to prominence in Hong Kong as the creator of the iconic Lily Wong comic strip published in the South China Morning Post in the 90s. He was the first cartoonist to have a full-page spread in Time Magazine, worked in animation for Cartoon Network and Walt Disney Studios, and is the international best-selling author of 15 cartoon books and children’s book series The Fart Brothers, which he writes under the pen name M.D. Whalen because he doesn’t want to be too closely associated with flatulence.

The Mental Ideas Podcast will be back on RTHK Radio 3 TOMORROW at 2.30pm HKT with special guest Jackie Chan (ha!) in A Bipolar Love Story. Don’t miss it!!!

The Depressed Comedian on RTHK Radio 3
The Depressed Comedian @ The AIBs


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