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Larry Feign

Mental Artist Larry Feign has been disappointing his mother, who still wishes he’d become a brain surgeon, since the age of seven, when he began writing stories and cartoons for his primary school magazine. Mama is not satisfied that his cartoons have appeared in such insignificant journals as Time, The Economist, Fortune, and the New York Times. Or that he’s directed animated cartoons for obscure little companies like Cartoon Network and Disney. She’s not happy that he’s published only 15 books or received a variety of awards and fellowships. All of this only postpones her goal of being able to utter the magic words: “My son, the doctor!”

Larry Feign began his career as a caricature artist at Honolulu’s Waikiki Beach, later moving to Los Angeles to work for a Hollywood animation studio. In 1985 he visited Hong Kong, intending to stay for two weeks, and ended up staying and making a name for himself as a cartoonist. His Lily Wong daily comic strip was considered a bellwether of life and politics in the territory, and was reprinted widely around the world. His first book, Aieeyaaa!, became the best-selling English-language book in Hong Kong publishing history. In 1997 Larry was commissioned by the Independent to chronicle in cartoons Hong Kong’s final 100 days under British rule. His satirical commentary about the Hong Kong handover was Time Magazine’s first-ever full-page cartoon essay.

During a two-year hiatus in London, Feign illustrated for various magazines, before returning to Hong Kong to write, produce, and direct animation for television and other media, as well as write for magazines. In 2011 he received a MacDowell Fellowship from America’s oldest artist colony. In 2021 Larry’s first historical fiction novel The Flower Boat Girl was published by Top Floor Books.

Larry has been married for over three decades to the clinical psychologist Dr. Cathy Tsang-Feign. (Mom’s happy that there’s at least one doctor in the family now!) Together, they have two perfect children, three dogs, and the occasional snake in the garden. In his spare time, Larry enjoys cycling and playing saxophone, though rarely at the same time.

Larry was a guest on series 1 of our AIB-nominated Mental Ideas Podcast!