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Virtually Eugenia – Mental Ideas Podcast

Virtual Reality dance-maker Eugenia Kim joins host Sadie Kaye and explains how her bipolar disorder has fueled her creativity and inspired her latest VR film! It’s called Lithium Hindsight – and yes, it IS better than Avatar.

Virtually Eugenia broadcasted on RTHK Radio 3‘s Mental Ideas strand of the 123 Show May 21, 2020 and explores the much-hyped relationship between bipolar disorder and creativity. Is there any truth in it or is it just a dangerous delusion of grandeur?

On this Thursday’s show, Sadie is joined by photographer, author and banker Christina Yung in The Depressed Banker, which is actually a lot more upbeat than it sounds…

Join us on RTHK Radio 3 Thursday May 28 @ 2.30pm HKT!

All of our podcasts in this series can now be located in one convenient place on the RTHK website! Check out Mental Ideas’ new page HERE!


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