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The Depressed Banker – Mental Ideas Podcast

Brace yourselves for another “slightly strange” (yeah…) episode of our Mental Ideas Podcast strand of RTHK‘s fantabulous 123 Show! This week Sadie’s guest is the multi-talented and inspirational Christina Yung! She banks. She cares for her Mum with dementia. She writes books and takes magical photographs of Hong Kong old shops. She’s in tears twice during the interview and has the most infectious raucous laugh we’ve ever had the pleasure of developing tinnitus from!

Bit of an emotional rollercoaster this week as we discuss the impact of the Hong Kong Protests on mental health among other topics. Obviously this was recorded way back in BC (Before Coronavirus), hence all the hugging. Sadie would be arrested (again) for all that Friends BS now. On next week’s episode veterans Mat Ricardo and Dan Davies return and recount their most memorable experiences with internet trolls in Trolls Anonymous. Only Dan has another word for them… and he uses it a lot… Meanwhile, lovely Christina will be back on the show in episode 11, Money.

You can now download all the episodes from this series in one mental place! Check out our new page on RTHK‘s Podcast One platform by clicking HERE!


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