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Eugenia Kim

Mental Artist Eugenia Kim is a PhD student. Originally from the USA, she’s been living in Hong Kong and studying at City University since 2015. She creates dance narratives for virtual reality environments inspired by her own experiences of having adolescent bipolar disorder.

Her hope is that her dances help viewers understand on a physical level what it’s like to have bipolar disorder. She also hopes her VR dances encourage families to support young people in getting treatment. Eugenia has been making dances about bipolar disorder since 2005 as a coping tool and for her own enjoyment. She’s also been delving into dance cinema with a focus on using movement to express mental health-related narratives.

Her dances are aimed at helping others, like her, who prefer the digital realm, or have a hard time going outside, or expressing themselves simply through words. She also creates dances for the families and friends of adolescent bipolar patients, who might be worried about being seen attending any activity or public event related to mental health.

Eugenia’s VR dance preview, Lithium Hindsight, is a work-in-progress. She is keen to reach out to others interested in her work who have the condition. Her academic research for her PhD explores: How can phenomenology can be applied to create dance pathographies for virtual reality environments about adolescent bipolar disorder?

Eugenia will be writing about her research and experiences with adolescent bipolar disorder for Mental Ideas. She was a guest (in person – not just virtually!) on the Virtually Eugenia: Bipolar & Creativity episode of our Mental Ideas Podcast for RTHK Radio 3.

Eugenia’s Website

Eugenia talks Bipolar & Creativity in Virtually Eugenia on the Mental Ideas Podcast – RTHK