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Dan Rants & Launches 2021 Film Forte!

Mentalist Dan Davies offers readers humor, inspiration and perspiration in The Rantings of a Madman on Facebook. His debut book is the first in a trilogy based on his Facebook rants from 2008 to the present day. It touches on themes related to mental health, bullying, internet trolls and how to deal with them in an amusing and uplifting way. It’s also a pandemic stress-relieving coloring book so you can color his toupee any which way you want, instead of its usual orange. Mental Ideas is flattered to be mentioned in a couple of his rants! 😂 Not to be taken too seriously… Enjoy!

Dan has experienced international success as an actor and screenwriter. He can currently be seen as Michael Rice in the Nollywood comedy film  A Trip to Jamaica on Netflix. He was a guest in the Trolls Anonymous & Death & The Frozen Tundra episodes of our Mental Ideas Podcast in 2020 and we hope to have him back for a cheeky little rant in series 2!

In 2019 Dan successfully started his own film festival in his hometown of Appleton, Wisconsin. While his 2020 festival got corona-cancelled, he is pushing ahead with plans to hold the festival online in September this year! Early bird entries are already open for the 2021 Film Forte and NIFA Awards. Register now to ensure you don’t miss out!!!