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Jade Holland Bryant

Ambassador Jade Bryant (aka Jade Holland) is a multi-talented artist, activist and writer from Devon, UK. She practices art as self-help therapy and inspires others to do the same. By challenging people’s perceptions of conditions like borderline personality disorder (BPD) and antisocial personality disorder (ASPD), which she struggles with herself, she spreads awareness, understanding and hope.

Jade may be our youngest ambassador, but she’s already a powerhouse of creative ideas, wit, grit, fizz and talent. Jade will be writing a column for Mental Ideas and taking part as a guest in S2 of our Mental Ideas Podcast. Mental Ideas is also proud and excited to be working with Jade on exhibitions of her inspiring artwork.

Jade is a features writer and campaigner for non-profit Art Saves Lives International, raising awareness of mental health issues and all forms of social inequality. Jade invites commissions of her beautiful artwork. She particularly enjoys commissions of wildlife and pets.

Jade’s Website