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James Daly

Ambassador James Daly is co-founder and CEO of Greenhouse Media (GMI) and Clever Films, dynamic media finance, TV and film production companies based in the UK.

A shrewd financial director with a creative soul, James intricately understands and spans both sides of the film industry. For 25 years, he was a financial advisor operating at director level for financial institutions. Unlike other production companies, James’ focus is on fully financing projects in-house and drawing on his long-term relationships with international distributors.

Clever Films’ and GMI’s portfolios include films & TV shows in the Comedy, Drama, HorrorMusic, Entertainment, Documentary and Factual/Features genres. The company is growing fast by developing and producing exciting films, TV shows and platforms that viewers connect with easily. Away from the financial side, James is also a critically acclaimed screenwriter and producer. His belief in nurturing relationships ensures his company attracts the most exciting on-screen talent. As well as working with big established names, James believes that discovering and championing young talent is paramount to ensuring his companies’ success.

James’ passion and commitment to social responsibility is something he’s incredibly proud of and placed at the heart of all his company’s endeavors. In doing so, he’s created a powerful platform to raise marginalized voices, exploring and assisting global causes which benefit from GMI’s support and opportunities. As an ambassador for Mental Ideas, James intends to work closely with the platform on all aspects of film & media production and distribution, offering his expertise and creating opportunities for artists affected by mental health issues to engage with the widest audience.

Ambassador James Daly
Ambassador James Daly

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