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Crazy – Mental Ideas Podcast

This is the last episode of the current season so DON’T MISS IT!!! With new material and highlights from the studio interviews of the first series, Crazy is a fiesta … Continue Reading Crazy – Mental Ideas Podcast

Money $ – Mental Ideas Podcast

On today’s show, Sadie Kaye talks dirty. Great big wads of dirty cash! You can’t use banknotes anywhere since the first wave peaked. Too dirty! Toilet paper is our cleanest … Continue Reading Money $ – Mental Ideas Podcast

Mental Ideas Podcast Lifts Off April 2nd @2.30 on RTHK Radio 3!

Episode 1 of our Mental Ideas Podcast lifts off THIS THURSDAY (April 2, 2020) as a new weekly strand on RTHK Radio 3‘s 123 Show at 2.30pm HKT! Host Sadie … Continue Reading Mental Ideas Podcast Lifts Off April 2nd @2.30 on RTHK Radio 3!

Passion & Poison – Interview With Artist Shawn Coss

Ambassador Philippe Joly in the SCMP

Mental Idealist Philippe Joly received coverage in the SCMP this week talking about Bruce Lee‘s movie legacy and his own experiences dying for a living as the Gweillo Baddie in action … Continue Reading Ambassador Philippe Joly in the SCMP

Caffeine Buzz

Thanks to Hong Kong Buzz for publishing this interview about MENTAL IDEAS!  Caffeine Buzz with Sadie Kaye    

Mental Ideas Podcast

The Mental Ideas Podcast is a weekly podcast in which filmmaker and RTHK presenter Sadie Kaye takes a humorous look at innovative approaches to tackling mental health, performing bold social experiments and discussing … Continue Reading Mental Ideas Podcast


Mental Ideas uses the arts and the media to engage and explain mental health in inventive ways!  

Mental Ideas Unplugged!

To celebrate International Day of Unplugging, a 24-hour global respite from technology, Mental Ideas will be hosting an event in Hong Kong on March 1st 2019 from sundown till midnight. The event … Continue Reading Mental Ideas Unplugged!


The annual Mental Ideas Film Festival (@MIFF) provides a global platform for daring and ingenious young filmmakers to showcase their films to an audience of film buyers, broadcasters, journalists, filmmakers & … Continue Reading MIFF

ExperiMENTAL Films

Mental Ideas discovers, nurtures and champions new talent from Hong Kong and around the world. To provide filmmakers with the best platform to attract film buyers and broadcasters, we host two … Continue Reading ExperiMENTAL Films

Mental Ideas Awards

The annual Mental Ideas Awards reward and recognize individual social entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations offering creative solutions to mental health issues. The objective is to create and support the next generation of social enterprise … Continue Reading Mental Ideas Awards

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Chaos Gallery

Mental Disorders Depicted With Minimalist Posters by Graphic Designer Patrick Smith

It’s not always easy to capture the seriousness of conditions such as obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) or depression in a simple way. Graphic designer Patrick Smith took on the challenge. … Continue Reading Mental Disorders Depicted With Minimalist Posters by Graphic Designer Patrick Smith

Exhibitions & Events

Mental Ideas produces and delivers many different kinds of events, including exhibitions for our most promising artists. We collaborate with galleries in Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, Paris & London. We organize … Continue Reading Exhibitions & Events