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Movement Is Medicine – William Pullen

Will Pullen was raised in Hong Kong, before moving to London. He’s now a BACP psychotherapist specializing in helping adults and young people with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, substance abuse and other issues transform their lives using his pioneering Dynamic Running Therapy. 

Will began running about 10 years ago after suffering a personal crisis as an emotional release and a way of addressing his own mental health issues, particularly depression. It was this experience that led him to train as a psychotherapist and write the self-help book Run for Your Life, published by Penguin in 2017. The book offers a series of simple mental routines that unleash the meditative, restorative powers of running.

Despite being a passionate advocate for running to combat depression, anxiety, addiction and other mental health issues, Will is the first to admit that he’s not actually very good at it. “I’m rather slow and not much of an athlete, so I tend to jog in a fairly lazy fashion.” So, while we probably won’t see him competing at the Olympics any time soon, Will is confident his Dynamic Running Therapy is worthy of a gold:  “I felt I had developed a reliable and affordable way to address and improve a variety of mental health conditions. If you can get out and get moving, I believe it can offer a way to change things.”

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If you see me running, call the police!
If you see me running, call the police!